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With a youtube audience producing over 28 million views and a loyal following, Luam is a global sensation in dance and choreography. Though her choreography and artistic direction has brought her to artists and projects such as Beyonce, Rihanna, Kelly Rowland, Step Up Revolution, Britney Spears, Alicia Keys, Kanye, Reebok, John Legend, X Factor, American Idol, and more, she has obtained cult popularity among the dance community all over the world with her teachings and passion for spreading inspiration.

Luam also works with international platinum selling artists; from China to Indonesia she has choreographed and co-artistic directed arena world tours with sell-out audiences of over 50K for icons in foreign countries. She recently starred in and choreographed the first film music video in the history of China with acclaimed director Andrew Lau and their top selling female artist Chris Lee.

You can see Luam on Beyonce’s documentary special Year of 4 and she was also named Most Stylish New Yorker by Time Out NY magazine. Luam has been nominated twice for Best Choreography by Dance Track Magazine for her work in commercials and music videos. Most recently, she has received rave reviews for her work as Show Director and Choreographer for Alicia Keys world tour Set The World On Fire. And has also been kept busy by artists, commercials, & television shows such as Kelly Rowland, Carly Rae Jepsen, Calvin Klein, Macy’s & America’s Got Talent.

Luam began dancing with African Rhythms Dance Company at University of Pennsylvania and Ballet Shango in Philadelphia before moving to NY (graduating with degree in Biological Basis of Behavior, double minors in Psychology & African American Studies). While working at AOLTimeWarner’s TIme Inc. in the Advanced Technology Group, she continued training at Broadway Dance Center and Djoniba Dance Center studying Jazz, Hip Hop, Ballet, West African, Cuban, Modern & Haitian. Meanwhile she continued at Time Inc, working on creative technology projects with Fortune, People, Entertainment Weekly, as well as their Intranet & Advanced Communications Goup.

Her passion for dance always incorporated teaching and choreography & she began teaching at Djoniba Dance Center & NY Sports Club in 2000 and later Broadway Dance Center. Suddenly in 2002, she left her career in technology and plans for medicine behind to pursue dance full time. Now free to aggressively pursue her dreams in dance/choreography, she continued teaching and training, while her work became more and more visible not only in the artist community, but all over the world.

Luam encourages others to pursue their dreams with determination, humility, and hope in the face of difficult life decisions and choices. 


”When you have a passion, there is no choice but to follow it, fight for it. Make it your life’s work... because when you love what you do, you live in your destiny.”



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